The Waiting Game

Poetry | Ushairi, Writing | Maandishi

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for a patient,
for tomorrow so you can begin a fresh attempt/task/habit instead of just starting it today
(or even right now),
to be called,
to settle on a decision,
for it to be evening then for it to be morning because “it got dark too quickly”,
to have “enough” money,
to have enough time,
for the world to change.
Waiting, waiting, waiting;
until our feet hurt.

© Sylvia Ilahuka, 2017

waiting game

Shapely For a Slim Woman

Writing | Maandishi

I very recently wen​​t on an outing with someone who struck up a conversation with me at the airport. He had been on the same flight as me, and asked how my trip had been as I was yawning my way towards the exit. It was because of how politely he inquired that I engaged, and the dialogue progressed to exchanging contact information. He wrote the next day to invite me to a poetry reading the following Sunday afternoon, which I deemed appropriate enough to accept — and it was, until he felt entitled to my body.